Rotary Club of Alamogordo

Genie Harshey, Club President

No. 1289 Founded 1923                                                 District 5520                                                                P.O. Box 713

The Rotary Club of Alamogordo meets at 12:05 pm at the Parc Botannia showflat each Wednesday.

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Eagles Lodge,  24th Street across from KOA


Programs:Chairman: Mike Shinaberry
Bert Atkins                                                              Rodger Bates
Bob Doughty                                                           Ken Garland
Robin McCracken                                                   Bob Pattillo
John Secrest                                                            Richard Stokely
Ken Wilson

Rotarians in Action:

We have a committee which is doing service for other Rotarians. 
Please call one of them when there is an illness, death, or in  need extra help, etc.

Chair:  Harold Tharp, 437-7602                               Vice Chair:  Bob Flotte, 430-8159
Norman Arnold, 437-0084                                       Dorothy Auld, 443-4242
J Marion Bell, 437-4443                                           Bob Doughty, 437-9141
Bill Hamm, 437-2197                                                Anne Howell, 430-4106
Merry Koval, 437-4231                                            Lillie Lewis, 437-1153
Dale Palkki, 434-6834                                              Richard Stokely, 437-7675
Glenn Talley, 437-2902                                             Stephen Trout, 437-4561
Al & Charlene Ward, 437-9375                                David Winberg, 437-6611
Harry Young, 434-8607.                                           Jerry Mozer, 437-7707




Each Tuesday morning at 8:30 the van goes to the Juarez Orphanage.  Rotarians are encouraged to join Rotarians Al and Charlene Ward.  Please call them for additional information.




Membership proposal form (pdf format)

Club Officers

Past Club Presidents

Directory (password required)

Club By-Laws

Information for Prospective Rotarians

Object of Rotary

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Licensed Rotary Suppliers: USA International

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